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Quarantined at home? PLEASE, DO NOT FORGET YOUR HAIR.

Hi there! I trust that you have been keeping safe. I am curious to know how the month of March has been going for you, but I am scared of the answers I might get, but you know what? I'm still going to ask because it is not the end of the world. I am sure many of you are still plunging ahead and getting stuff done. While you do that though, remember to keep social distance, stay at home, if you can and please please remember your hair!

While many are still going out because they have got to or need to, many are working from home while the children are also at home. It is a time where we can easily slip into that comfort mode or get super busy that we forget important tasks, like moisturising, washing and styling our hair. In the YouTube video below, I share with you this simple routine that I have created for myself and I am confident you can do it too.

On another note, I have some exciting news to share with you. It is very difficult to find exciting news while the world goes through this coronavirus pandemic and almost the whole world is quarantined, but where there is life there is hope and there is hope even in the smallest of improvement. Remember I had promised you in January post that I would share with you more about the business side of things and how things are developing?

Well, today I have some data to share. For the past five months, I have been interning at a digital marketing agency in Zurich called LA Click GmbH. I am grateful to the team for allowing me to join and develop my skills.

The purpose of doing the internship was to develop my online marketing skills in order to increase the online visibility of TheBraidbox. To say the least, I have surpassed those expectations and have gained skills that I am able to use in other areas of my professional life. But what I want to show you is the power of having an online presence for your business. It does take a bit more than constant posting, there needs to be a strategic approach to attract meaningful visibility (clients who will convert) to your business online.

I want to share with you theGoogle Analytics report for website visits at the start of 2020 before I started implementing what I was learning at LA Click. 

Google Analytics Screenshot: Number of visitors before starting with Online Marketing

During January website visits were at zero. Not saying no one visited but it was so low that either Google did bother to report it or, no one really visited. Either way, in February I saw some improvement after implementing a social media strategy and continuous optimisation of the website. There is a lot more work that needs to be done but there is the feeling that we are on the right track with regards to visibility and website visits.

Google Analytics Screenshot: Number of visitors after starting with Online Marketing

I am interested to know what brings you back to our website and what you would like to see when you visit. Feel free to drop a comment below.

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