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Home-made Rice water and Onion hair treatment

Recently I had a chat with a friend who told me that she had ordered a hair product online and after two weeks she still hadn't received it– that's not normal in today's world, right? Online deliveries are usually arriving on the next day or the latest in 3 days. Another friend sent me a picture and her whole face was covered in orange hair dye. Her husband was tasked to dye her hair since all salons were closed. Despite clear instructions he managed to paint her whole face orange. I had a good laugh but the reality of the situation is the pandemic has caused us to take drastic measures– like turning our husbands into our personal stylists (laughs). In my case, I have started making my own home-made rice water hair treatments– excited! and want to share that with you in this blog post. How are you maneuvering haircare during the pandemic?

Have you ever tried to make your own hair products at home? I have never had the need to. Apart from mixing water and Jamaican castor oil in my mist bottle I usually go for the products I have in the salon. Despite the fact that I still have access to my regular products like Cantu, Jamaican Castor oil, and shea butter I found myself on YouTube benign watching my girlfriend's (Naturallyjermin) DIY hair product videos tutorials on Rice water treatment.

Naturallyjermin is a YouTuber and her channel focuses on 4c haircare and DIY products that will make you love your hair even more. In this video, she will share with you how to make your own rice water and onion juice hair treatment that promotes hair growth. You will also want to look out for the launch of her new Ayurveda hair product line– COMING SOON. I personally can not wait.

I hope you have learned a thing or two from my dear friend NaturallyJermin. Now, here is how I made my green tea treatment which I've used for a total of seven days as a moisturiser.

- You will need 3 green tea bags, if you have fresh green tea that should work perfectly.

- brew the tea and allow it to cool. After the brew has cooled add your oils. In my case I added Jamaican castor oil and Aunt Jackie's Growth Oil Grape Seed & Avocado

- I then shake and applied it to my hair every morning for seven days.

After the seven days were over I started with the rice water treatment. Here is what I think

of it.

It is fair to say that things are slowly going back to normal, in Switzerland that is, but it is never a bad idea to start making some homemade treatment for your hair.

I would love to know if you have ever tried rice water treatment or if you will at some point try it. Whatever is your truth I hope it worked/works out for you. Continue to keep safe and keep sane until next time.

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